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Before you buy ...

... which is what to pay attention to

When looking for an English Cocker Spaniel, you need to start by screening kennels from associations. The first step will be to check whether a given kennel belongs to the Kennel Club in Poland (just call the branch and ask). Next, find out from the breeder about what health tests the dogs have. Currently in Poland, tests are carried out such as: HD hip dysplasia, genetic eye diseases prcd-PRA, FN kidneys, as well as AMS, AON, ED, clinical examination with eye and heart certificate. Of course, good breeder does not have to test for all the diseases mentioned above, but it is worth checking if the dogs are tested for anything. In addition, it is worth asking the breeder about the number of dogs, including non-breeding dogs (veterans, dogs that the breeder will not breed for various reasons but still keeps). You can also ask about the socialization of puppies, how many litters a female has in her life, and if you are satisfied with the previous answers, about breeding plans of a given breeder.

O Rasie: O nas

Map of ZKwP kennels

(created by Cantiland FCI)

O Rasie: O nas
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