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The English Cocker Spaniel is a long-haired dog breed, which makes grooming their hair quite complicated and time-consuming. Dogs require daily brushing  to stop shedding of unnecessary hair as they shed a lot of hair. Every owner of a cocker spaniel should have several types of brushes and a metal comb.


In breeding, we place great emphasis on getting puppies used to grooming from the very first days. This will make it easier for future owners to keep their dog well groomed.


Cockers, in addition to daily grooming, also require regular baths depending on the needs (at least once a month), as well as visits to a good, knowledgeable groomer (whom we will help to find) at least once every two months, who, among other things, will trim a dog properly when the hair will be ready































Below are links to the most important tools and cosmetics




Frida (7m) after visiting Master Dog with Małgorzata Świstek


Róża (6m) after visiting Groomlandi with Paulina Kozyrska


Frida (16m) after visiting Groomlandi

Róża (9m) after visiting Groomlandi


Frida (3 years old) after my grooming

Róża (3 years old) after my grooming

Cosmetics :


- Plush Puppy


- Yuup!

- Panagenics


- Cowboy Magic


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