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We are planning the next litter in around July 2023

Expected colors: red, black and black and tan


If you have any questions, please contact us by email or Facebook (Natalia Skibińska)

When buying a puppy from my kennel, you receive a birth certificate entitling you to obtain a ZKwP pedigree, scans of pedigrees and parents' examinations, health book, layette, owner's guide, as well as absolute help from me in every situation.
Puppies leave the kennel chipped and vaccinated according to their age. Reservation and then sale contract applies.
(Kennel under the legal care of the Law Office Attorney of Agnieszka Łyp-Chmielewska)

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I choose puppies for specific families to best match future owners to the puppy's temperament. As a breeder watching puppies from birth, in case of any doubts, I reserve the right to refuse to sell a puppy. I choose families meticulously, because I care about good contact and relationships with the owners of the dog for the rest of his life, and maybe even longer. 

Below I share a survey for people seriously interested in getting to know each other as best as possible. 

Szczenięta: Tekst
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